configure your Wi-Fi connection with Windows XP

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Intro To connect a computer to Wi-Fi via the Livebox, you have to configure the Wi-Fi connection on your computer so that it communicates with your Livebox.
Below are the procedures to followt with Windows XP no matter which Livebox model you have.

The procedures explained in this section:


1Your Livebox has to be installed and connected to internet. The @ light should be on and constant, not flashing.

install Sagem Livebox 2

2Activate the Wi-Fi function on your Livebox.

how to activate/deactivate Wi-Fi on your Livebox

The Wi-Fi light should be on and constant, not flashing.

the lights on your Livebox 2

3If you use the SP1 or SP2 versions of Windows XP, we recommend upgrading your computer to Windows XP SP3 version.

4Activate the Wi-Fi function on your computer.
As a general rule, the Wi-Fi function is activated by pressing a button designated to that function or by pressing a combination of keys on the keyboard. If needed, check your computer user guide.

If your computer is not equipped with the Wi-Fi function, you have to install a Wi-Fi adapter.
install your Orange Wi-Fi adapter

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configure your computer's Wi-Fi connection

1If you have a Sagem or Thomson/Inventel Livebox, you have to put your Livebox through the pairing process.

pairing your Livebox

Otherwise, go on to the next step.

2Click on Start > SettingsConfiguration Panel then Network connection.

3Right-click on Wireless network connection then click on Show the wireless networks.

4Select the name of your Livebox (Livebox_XXXX or Wanadoo-XXX) then click Connect.

selection of the wireless network

4In the Network key box, enter the security key (in UPPERCASE without spacing) located on your Livebox ID sticker. Enter the security key again in the Confirm the network key box and click Connection.

entery of the livebox security key

5Connection is automatic. Double-click on the connection icon in the taskbar.

windows xp taskbar

6The list of networks is displayed again. Wait for the connection.

connection to the wireless network

7Open your browser to make sure the Internet access is working.


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